Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who Knew I Was Married to a Cross-Dresser?

Earlier this summer the fam was hanging out by the pool. Mom and Dad were in town and we were having a nice relaxing swim. The Husband, as usual, was doing yard work. After a bit though, he decided to join us. He went inside to put on his trunks and when he came back outside he was getting ready to do his traditional cannonball into the pool. I happened to notice that his red swim trunks looked a little tight. Upon closer inspection, when he went to get out of the pool, I was surprised to see a very Ralph-Lauren-y nautical button/sailor pant motif going on on the front of the shorts. (Not the usual drawstring that the trunks typically have). When he was about to jump in for the second time it was then that I realized he was wearing my mom's shorts, not swim trunks. According to the Husband, he just picked up the first pair of red shorts he found in the laundry pile. While I'm sure we're all glad to know that at least he wasn't wearing women's underwear under the shorts, the down side for my mom is he wasn't wearing any underwear at all. I don't think we'll ever look at those poor shorts the same way again.

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