Monday, August 31, 2009

Next Time, I'll Buy Something Myself.

My husband bought me a telescope for Christmas.

Do I really have to say much more than that?

I think the rule of thumb is if it comes in a box so large that you run out of wrapping paper it's probably a bad idea (unless it's a car, or a fur coat, but obviously there are always exceptions to any rule).

To be completely fair I had said (a week or so before the big day) that "we" should get a telescope. But it was more meant in the "we" as in "the family" (i.e., for our daughter, etc.) not like "we" should get a diamond tennis bracelet. That would have been more of a suggestive "we", rather than a "we" as in not "me".


  1. Look at it this way. At least he bought you something.

  2. I received a unicorn candle for Christmas in 1994. Although I enjoy burning candles, this was something a 12 year old girl would lurve in her room. Yet the husband was very proud of the purchase, and I still get grief about not liking the unicorn candle.