Friday, August 28, 2009

Commando Gardening

(Our second email contribution, thanks to Necie!!)

I did most of the yard and garden work at the homestead until I blew a couple of discs in my neck. The commander was forced to take over the outside work. He found an easy way to control the weeds growing in the lawn by using a product you attach to your hose to spray the chemical. That worked well. He also sprayed the weed killer in the pine island, on the shrubs and well...everything. We lost most of the shrubs. I thought we would lose a 10 year old Japanese maple, but only the limbs close to the ground died. It now looks like a large Japanese maple mushroom.


  1. Based on your title, I was frankly expecting something else. LOL!

    I would never turn my husband lose with Round Up or anything else that kills vegetation.

  2. I've seen her husband....You wouldn't want the Commando title to be what you were thinking!!