Friday, August 28, 2009

Crop Circles

We've got a pool with a nice concrete patio around it. We've also got a toddler, which means in the summertime, a kiddie pool. My Husband, ever concerned with lawn care, placed the kiddie pool on the concrete patio, *right next* to the deep end of the pool. Now, being a Mom, I saw many potential dangers in this arrangement. Obviously, the proximity to the deep end is a clear problem, but also knowing that toddlers are not the most coordinated lot on the planet, I could visualize endless slips and falls onto the concrete while said toddler is trying to climb in and out of the kiddie pool (which of course, to my child, the climbing in and out of the pool is as much fun, if not more fun, than actually being in the pool).

Why didn't my Husband put it on the lawn, like we had last year, and where it would at least be a *little* bit less of an open water hazard? He didn't want it making a kiddie-pool shaped depression on the lawn. Thanks, Hon!

Needless to say, I moved it.


  1. Lovely blog.I think you'll have a lot followers...
    Best wishes Marigio xx

  2. Sometimes they "think" too much.