Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Hereditary....

So. I told my Mom (hereinafter Mimi) about the creation of this blog, and unsurprisingly, she immediately had several stories about Stupid Things her Husband (my Dad) did.

This one is my favorite:

When Mimi was 9 months pregnant with my younger brother, she went to her doctor for a sonogram. The sonogram showed nothing exciting, just that she was indeed at the end of her pregnancy and my brother appeared to be healthy, etc. My father could not attend this appointment, so Mimi finished up and drove home. On the way home, she started to feel unwell. And indeed, having already had a child, recognized signs that she might be in labor. So upon her arrival home she calls my father. Here is a transcript of that conversation:

Mimi: Hi - I think that I am in labor, I really don't feel well.
My Dad: What? No. No. That's not possible. You were just at the doctor. You had a sonogram.
Mimi: Um. No. Really. I think I'm in labor. I need to go to the hospital.
My Dad: Well. I think you're wrong. They'll never admit you. Can you just drive yourself?

It is a testament to her patience that he remains both married to her and in one piece.

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  1. Sounds just like something my husband (LBeau) would have said. I have already posted lots of LBeau stories on my blog. I need to go back and tag all of them with "LBeau."