Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping...

Howdy Ladies!

As Weef correctly noted, we have had many a conversation about the ridiculous things our husbands do. And we have long suspected that we are not alone. So come one, come all, commiserate with us!

Husbands: we love them, but we do not understand how they have survived this long unattended.

Today's story: recently Thisbe went to the grocery store with her daughter, the Wee Kraken. Up to this point, the WK had been a fairly good sport at the grocery store. Sitting in the cart and singing 80s tunes, and generally being a 3 year old, but otherwise, fine. However, on this expedition, the WK demanded to sit "in the big part" of the shopping cart. Upon further questioning she tearfully explained that "Daddy lets [her] ride in the big part!" Now. We all know that there are many reasons why letting your child ride in the big part of the cart is a bad idea, not the least of which are 1) it is dangerous - your child could easily topple the cart or attempt to crawl out and hurt him/herself and 2) that, um, GROCERIES go in there, and a 3 year old is going to trample/squish/destroy them. I mean, let's face it: 3 year olds and a carton of eggs? A bad combination. But she was not to be deterred or consoled. My child pitched one of the worst tantrums in her short life.* After we finished our very unpleasant shopping experience, I called my husband. I could not believe he would allow her to do something so dangerous and inconvenient and was convinced she'd gotten the idea from another child she saw in the store. The following is a transcript of that conversation:

Me: Hey. Did you let the WK ride in the big part of the shopping cart? Because she says you did, but I know you'd never do that, right? Because, you know, it is so dangerous and also makes the actual shopping a nightmare....
Husband: ....
Me: RIGHT???? You wouldn't do that??????
Husband: Um. Well. I certainly won't do it ANYMORE
Me: [head exploding]

We've gone to the grocery store several times since this incident. And the child *still* pitches a fit about sitting in the front of the cart.

*I was victorious in getting her to sit in the front of the cart. But it was a scene that I do not care to discuss. Suffice to say, there were many toys taken away that day...

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