Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Annoying and Stupid

Cheri says:

Leaving Lancaster and heading up to Erie I decided it was safer for me and the pups (hubby is constantly on the phone with work) if I did the driving... How hard could it be since hubby bought me a new GPS that is more detailed then the last one. There was a time when I was a pro at map reading and my confidence in getting us from point A to point B never waned until I got married and slowly my confidence dwindled and now I go no where or rely on my GPS, but I digress ... The GPS said to go one way and hubby kept sticking his finger in my face (which is completely ANNOYING) pointing in the complete opposite direction, so knowing hubby like I do, it was best to go his way.

After buzzing down the high way a bit I hear, “I knew I should have done the driving.” Not only did my confidence wane after that comment but he really ticked me off since it was the direction he pointed for me to take in the first place! How could he be so thoughtless (since he was on the phone and the person on the other end heard) when he knows how fragile my confidence has been since we moved and trying to find my way around.

I also have one of “those” husbands that even though the map, GPS and daughters directions say to go this way, he always likes to find “the short” cut that ends up taking us longer. Plus the fact that whenever I say something like, “ I am sure that we are suppose to take 401 not 501” that in his mind I am never and I repeat NEVER right, and when I am, right that is, he can NEVER admit that he should have listened to ME. So... we take a supposed “short cut” to daughter’s new house in NC and when we come to a cross roads he goes left up 501, I said, “you should have went straight and stayed on 401.” Hubby: “No, I think we were suppose to turn here.” Me: “I really think we were to go straight”About 6 miles up the road hubby realizes we should have went straight and then says, “I guess we should have stayed on 401 and went straight but I thought this was a short cut, why didn’t you tell me?”

Can you hear my head EXPLODE!

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