Friday, September 25, 2009

The Weather Channel

Why is it that so many men, the Husband included, are obsessed with "The Weather Channel"? There was a time in our married life where he would have the local forecast channel on in the background so often (with that goofy-oft repeating muzak) that I felt like I was living in a hotel room.

And it's not just him. The other night we saw a commercial for Comfort Hotels and the commercial showed a family staying at one of their hotels and getting ready for a day on their vacation. The announcer says: "Dad's checking the weather, while Mom and the Kids are getting ready!"

Last night we were deciding whether to suit up the baby in a sleep sack and the Husband's response was: "Check!"

This would all be perfectly fine except for the whole fact that the folks at The Weather Channel (and meteorologists in general) have pretty limited abilities when it comes to forecasting beyond the immediate future. This continually leads the Husband to be revising his own forecast and getting frustrated that he's seeded/fertilized and it's not going to rain, he's washed the car and it is going to rain, it's cold but he has no coat or it's hot and he's got on a sweater.

Personally, I just want to know the extremes-- is it going to be really hot, really cold or will it rain. Otherwise, surprise me.


  1. Once we got DirecTV, LBeau quit watching the Weather Channel because they don't have the local forcast on DirecTV's version of The Weather Channel. He does, however, pull up on the computer.

  2. My beloved is now addicted to -- because he can click on the little weather radar map to "animate" it...showing the weather pattern(s) moving in over the next ten hours or so.