Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Message from A. Husband

Howdy, ladies! Here's one for you: sometimes husbands actually read their mother-in-laws' blogs, where they find and click on interesting-looking links ... like this one, for instance. Of course with clever pseudonyms like "The Missus", "Sue" and "Thisbe" one cannot say for certain who is posting stories about whom, but what is certain is that the posts are in fact pretty darn funny. Of course one could always see how some husbands who weren't given the courtesy of a heads-up that their wives were going to be blowing off steam might find it, I don't know -- somewhat mean? But don't let that discourage you: keep up the great work! Practical tips like "just let her buy her own gifts" and "stop doing yard work" are almost as priceless as the stories. Yours faithfully, A. Husband

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