Friday, September 18, 2009

Socks, Laundry. Laundry, Socks.

Does your Husband ever leave his socks balled up next to the bed (or his chair, or in the bathroom, or wherever it happens to be that he's removed them?)

I often find my Husband sitting on his side of the bed reading, with a pair of balled up socks on the floor nearby.

"I'll say: "Are you planning on wearing these again?"

And I'll get a somewhat sheepish look back:

"No." (By "No", he actually meant, "well, yes, so I don't have to look for clean ones in the morning." Because, you know, socks can air out, right? It's better for the environment!)

So, I pick up the sock balls and put them in the hamper (which is approximately two feet away).

Rule of thumb: When you own your own washer and dryer (and you have someone else doing the laundry for you): the life expectancy of sock wearing equals one day.


  1. I've got a husband and a teenager boy... I just go mad!!!

  2. It is so much worse when it is a pair of shorts instead of a pair of socks!