Friday, September 18, 2009

Dishes, Dishes...

Cheri tells:

Well you get the socks and I get the dishes. Actually I also get the clothes (not just socks) piled behind our bedroom door and the laundry room is right behind our room. Can’t make it there either.
Hubby can’t seem to make it 34” (literally) from the sink to the dishwasher to put his dishes in. He will rinse them and they stay in the sink. IF I am there putting my dishes in the dishwasher he will hand me his to put in. Not that I can’t do it, but hey... he can take that one step possibly two to put in his own. He seems to think that when I am around ... I am the MAID. News Flash... NOT! Well all I can do is shake my head on this one... If I leave the dishwasher door down because I know he will be coming soon to put his dishes in (I at least I tell myself that if I do this he “will” put them in ... this is one of those subtle hints we try to give our hubbies that they never get) anyhow... I come back later and find... you guessed it... the door still down. Gotta love’m

1 comment:

  1. Is the dialog something like this?
    Him: "Well, honey I rinsed my plate out!"
    You: "So put it IN the dishwasher."
    Him: "I know you're picky about the way they go in the dishwasher. And, you do a better job at stacking them...." Yeah. Heard it. lol