Monday, September 21, 2009

By the Pound

We're apple picking yesterday.

The Husband is escorting the Baby around picking apples with glee and throwing every apple into our bag.

I stop and say that we don't need to take every apple-- we should see if they're good or not. (After all, we had paid $5 admission to the "apple festival" so if we pick a few bad apples, I don't think ettiquette requires us to buy them)...

Right before we go to pay I say to the Husband: "We should go through this bag and pick out the bad ones."

Husband: "Why? It's $1.49 per bag!"

Me: "Um, make that $1.49 per POUND! Remember last year-- that's how we got schnookered into buying $40 worth of pumpkins!"

Husband: "Oh. I think the sign on the other side of the bin said it was $1.49 per bag!"

Me: "I read the sign. It said per POUND."


  1. What would these guys do with out us... thank goodness you can read. LOL

  2. Um, reading the sign. What a novel concept. And one beyond the scope of most husbands.

  3. Tee hee hee. ;-) $1.49 a bag!! I don't think we've seen that since the Kennedy era.