Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some Christmas Stories from Cheri!

Gave husband money to go Christmas shopping for me, but let me back up and say that $125.00 for us back about 20 years ago was quite a chunk of change for us, so I left him to challenge the Mall and see what wonderful goodies would await me on Christmas morning... I got a long night gown, OK good so far, but after many presents later that were from parents and siblings I had wondered how a night gown could cost $125.00. To my surprise, my hubby, decided to buy himself a gun, so all of my gifts ended up in his gun collection.

Another year just about everything he bought me was in camo, too bad that wasn’t the fashion that year. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a woman wearing camo but there has NEVER been a time that I have ever had the need to wear it. So suffice to say, my girls do his shopping for him and let him know what he owes them. Personally I think this was his plan all along so he could get out of going to the Mall.

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  1. Your husband sounds a lot like mine. One year, he gave me a sheep skin cover for my car. It was a very nice cover, but things for a car is not what I consider a Christmas present. A few days after Christmas, we took a trip to the inlaws in NJ. I bought a lovely leather jacket at Nordstom's and got a refund for the seat cover.

    I am still wearing the leather jacket(it's almost 20 years old). Every year since, My husband tells me what he is giving me for Christmas. Of course, it's always something for the car. This year, he teased he was getting me some very nice monogramed floor mats. My real Christmas present was a lovely snowflake necklace and matching earings.

    Cheri, I hope you can find some strong young men to rearrange your laundry room.