Saturday, November 28, 2009

Perception versus Reality

The baby asked for cold milk in a sippy cup. The Husband says: "The stuff in the dishwasher is clean." I think to myself, it's not clean. I didn't run it, but okay... I open the dishwasher and there are crumbs on the door and you can just tell that the stuff inside isn't clean.

The Husband tells me: "I got a sippy out of there this morning!"

Okay. I say: "It's not clean."

"But I got a sippy this morning."

Then I pull a plate out and show him a residual piece of old tuna fish.

He says: "But what I got was clean."

I'm thinking, okay, but the machine has dirty dishes in it, so therefore, whatever you pulled out of it had been used before and not washed.

I pick up a glass and say: "Look, this has lip-prints on it."

He counters with: "But what I got out was clean, you're showing me the wrong evidence."

Yes, because clearly, the machine was run and the only thing that got clean was the one thing you pulled out!

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